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Global Sales Team Training & Management

Montgomery Media Group offers world class sales team solutions including global sales team training & management, brand sales launch & representation, and sales manager coaching solutions.  

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OUtsourced Sales 

MMG's World Class Outsourced Sales Solutions for International Corporations

We build and manage preeminent sales teams for international corporations looking to expand their operations into the world's most lucrative markets in the  United States of America.

Here are a few of the solutions you can expect:

  • We perform market research and product and/or service testing in local markets here in the U.S. to help gauge feasibility as well as sales forecasts.

  • Our team hires, trains and manages your sales team

  • We also develop and manage your digital marketing, online branding and ECommerce solutions including reputation & reviews, lead generation, branding and ad management, as well as online sales management per your request.

  • Your Sales Team Director also provides a myriad of other essential services on your behalf.


Why you should outsource your sales

team development & management in

the United States of America

  • Our sales professionals are local, experienced and ready to go

  • MMG reps understand American culture & protocol

  • Minimized recruiting, hiring & training costs with a local team

  • A local outsourced team is highly scalable

  • With local reps you can reach niche verticals and markets

  • Our local director negotiates any issues on your behalf

Sales Team Training & Management

Boss Moves Sales team training & management

(A few things to expect)

  • Comprehensive Review & Analysis of existing Training, Sales Stratagem, Goals and Culture.

  • One on One meeting with Owners, Managers & Sales staff to identify area's of strength, challenges and best practices (perceived & actual)

  • Team Training for Sales staff, Managers & Owners.

  • Exercises & Specific Actions that build "unbreakable confidence" and a "winning culture"

  • Creation and Implementation of a comprehensive sales process & complimentary systems that will increase leads, sales and overall customer value by 20%-100% in 90 days or less!!

  • Elite Marketing System Integration


Seven Key Questions to Consider

Do any of these questions apply to your sales team?

  • Are your sales people struggling with appointments, presentations or closing percentages?

  • Do some of your sales people fear or dread calling on prospects and giving presentations?

  • Are you losing more of your follow ups than your closing?

  • Do your sale's people lack confidence in themselves or the current process?

  • Does your company have a "gateway program" to engage prospect's who don't take advantage of your "signature program or product" on the initial sales call?

  • Do you have a system that compliment's your sales teams efforts and shorten's the sales cycle?

  • Has your company been experiencing a high turnover rate with your sales team members?

  • How are you currently generating sales leads? Are you purchasing leads or generating organic leads?

If any of these questions apply to you then you need to consider the "Boss Moves" sales team training programs.

Two Day Turnaround

This is a live two day intensive training that is designed for sales team managers & owners. We will explore current challenges, identify the underlying reasons for under performance or lack of consistency. We will work with your team leaders to develop a strategic campaign strategy and to arm sales managers with the tools to develop your sales professionals into top producers and closers!!

This program is also designed to turn your sales managers into decisive, confident leaders that will inspire your sales staff

Elite Group Game Changer

This is a 30 day comprehensive campaign with an initial live two day group training with your entire sales staff, followed up with weekly remote accountability sessions and strategy review and update. This package includes the integration of an expert marketing system that will generate leads on demand, drastically increase your teams closing ratio's and increase your overall customer value.

At the conclusion of the 30 days Marcus will return for a live two day, long term growth development training.

Leadership Training Package

Our "leadership" package is for organizations who are serious about becoming the preeminent leaders in their industry and/or area of expertise. All of our programs are tailored to fit the needs of the organization we are working with but our "leadership" program is a longer term, laser customized program that includes training and development of ownership and upper management, as well as group training of the entire sales staff. This program also includes integration of an "Elite Sales System" and sales team management for longer terms of either 90 days, six months or one year.

Sales Funnels & Inbound Closers

My inbound sales team employs a simple yet highly effective strategy:

1. We create high traffic funnels that fill with leads.

2. Our digital professionals turn those leads into hungry prospects.

3. Our sales experts turn your prospects into loyal, paying customers.

Marcus Montgomery


Our Preeminent Inbound Sales Professionals deliver results


What our customers are saying

We hired Marcus to build and manage our sales team to help us get more customers for our asphalt seal coating business. We've been very happy with the consistent leads and new projects they've been able to generate for us. We strongly recommend the Montgomery Media Group team.

C. Kimball - AOK Contactors

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