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United States Market Introduction &

Brand Management Solutions

Montgomery Media Group offers a full host of integrated brand management solutions including the following:

  • Product Introduction, Monitoring & Strategic Launch

  • Digital Brand Development for Your Corporate Success in America

  • International Spokesperson Services

  • Crisis Management & Reputation Promotion & Preservation

  • International Consulting & Brand Promotion

  • Digital PR Management

  • Development and Management of American Sales Force

  • Media Coverage Campaigns that leverage our relationships with Influencers

  • Strategic Marketing, Sales and PR Blueprint

  • Business Research & Marketing

  • International Product Sourcing

  • Foreign Investment Development

What our customers are saying

Marcus has helped us through the process of growing our Moringa markets from a tea only product to supplements also. He has also helped us in becoming an FDA approved product for import into the U.S. market. We are glad he is our business partner.

Tesfaye Tedesse - Malalia Moringa Products


International Brand Management

We can help you get products and business message in front of key decision makers and millions of prospective customers here in America. Schedule your strategy session today!!

Industry Research & Product Launch

At Montgomery Media Group we work tirelessly to promote our client's interest's. We are here to assist your organization in developing a strong footing in the American markets. Here are a few of the services we can offer:

  • Market research and marketing stratagem development for international firms looking to enter the U.S. market.

  • Screening to find target markets that best meet the needs of your current product and/or services portfolio, business strategy and company culture.

  • Competitive analysis and development of distribution channels.

  • Product launch in the U.S. including account procurement and distribution channel development.

International Product Sourcing

Montgomery Media Group also offers our foreign clients product sourcing services. We are an established manufacturers representative with established relationships with both manufacturers and retailers in America and abroad. We can assist your organization with the following solutions:

  • Develop business strategies for off-shoring and outsourcing of services, products and manufacturing.

  • Development of preferred locations for sourcing based on existing supply chains, markets and trade preferences.

  • Identify potential partners and advising on decisions to invest directly or contract with local suppliers, and on agreement structuring.

Strategic  Introductions

Montgomery Media Group has an extensive national and international network of key decision makers as well as strategic partners that we've developed strong relationship's and friendships with over the past 15 plus years. This has enabled us to broker many successful partnerships and business relationships that have proven to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. We can assist your business or organization in the following area's:

  • Strategic business introductions

  • Negotiations with key prospective partners

  • On-going communications with policy and decision makers on our client's behalf.

  • Documentation and public relations event's that support our claim that it's good business to do business with our client's.

  • Site location, procurement and development on behalf of our clients.

  • Awareness and proactive dealing with any legal or public opinion issues that may impact our client's proposals or projects.

What Montgomery Media Group Client's are Saying

Brand Management Testimonial

Foreign Partnership Testimonial


What our customers are saying

Montgomery Media Group have been very helpful partner's for us in assisting us in locating strategic warehousing and shipping locations for our inventory in the United States. 

T. Nyugen - TTP Furniture

International Marketing & Retail space procurement Expert 

Over the past 20 plus years I've had the honor of assisting  businesses and organizations from all over the world.

 We've also been instrumental in procuring strategic contracts on behalf of our client's. Our agency is unique in that we offer a full suite of international online marketing and branding solutions to get our client's message's to the masses. We have an in house full service digital marketing team to assist with all our our client's project promotions, digital marketing campaign's, online and offline public relations events and creation and delivery of "peak influence points."  These include video, online marketing, strategic social media management and public spokes person activities to promote our client's agenda's to key decision makers, policy boards and the American people. I am proud to serve you and look forward to a record breaking year for our client's and for our team.

God Bless,

Marcus Montgomery

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