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African American buying power is an estimated $1.2 Trillion. And projected to reach $1.4 Trillion in 2020.

(source: Nielsen Reports)

Ethnic Marketing

Montgomery Media Group are ethnic marketing experts specializing in company, brand and organizational sales and marketing campaigns directed at  African American communities. We use satellite based, full color display ad technologies that can reach millions in any region or country in the world. We also develop and manage dedicated sales professionals for your campaign.

All of our campaigns are custom built from the ground up to uniquely fit our client's needs.

Contact us to discuss your vision for reaching the most lucrative African American markets.


Marketing to Ethnic and African-American Communities

Black Buying Power is currently an estimated $1.4 Trillion (source: Nielsen)

Power Points in the African American Market

  • A Young, Vibrant and Growing Population

  • African American Spending Power Projected to Reach $1.4 Trillion in 2020

  • African American median incomes have increased more than any other group over the past decade.

  • The African American community is the Primary "Driver" of global beauty & fashion trends

  • African American Communities are among the strongest for "Brand Loyalty."

The power of Black dollars

Categories where the percentage of black spending power is greater in proportion to their population

Ethnic Hair & Beauty Aids

Black Spend: $54.4 Million

85.85% of total spend

Women's Fragrances

Black spend: $152 Million

22.37% of total spend

Feminine Hygiene

Black spend: $54.1 Million

21.04% of total spend

Men's Toiletries

Black spend: $62 Million

20.10% of total spend

Personal Soap/Bath Needs

black spend: $573.6 Million

18.89% of total spend

Frozen Meat & Seafood

Black spend: $761.7 Million

17.75% of total spend

Refrigerated Juices/Drinks

Black spend: $578.2 Million

17.51% of total spend

Shelf Juices & Drinks

Black spend: $1.04 Billion

16.66% of total spend

African Americans spent nearly $63 billion on tourism in 2018

(source: Mandala research)

Spices, Seasonings, Extracts

Black spend: $430.2 Million

16.13% of total spend

Bottled Water

Black spend: $810.3 Million

15.74% of total spend

Insecticides & Repellents

Black spend: $176.6 Million

15.49% of total spend


Black spend: $122.8 million

15.20% of total spend


Black spend: $352 Million

15.05% of total spend

Household Cleaners

Black spend: $407.8 million

14.89% of total spend


Black spend: $829.8 million

14.83% of total spend


Black spend: $136.8 Million

14.64% of total spend

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