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The United States of America is the most lucrative consumer market in the world with a GDP of over 20 Trillion.  Working with Montgomery Media Group  to develop relationships with American retailers can literally transform your companies economic future and global sustainability. 

Montgomery Media Group has developed strategic relationships with the two largest purchasing sectors in the United States with our Ethnic Marketing Program. African American buying power is an estimated $1.4 Trillion and Latino buying power is an estimated $1.5 Trillion. 

Apply Below Limited Spots Available

Marcus Montgomery (Former Retail Buyer & Founder of Montgomery Media Group) and his team of sales professionals will personally contact premium retailers on your behalf with this ALL NEW  Retail Procurement 

Done - For - You Service.

Marcus Montgomery - Retail Marketing Expert

Get Products in the Top American Retail Stores

Done - For - You 

Service Highlights:

  • Marcus and his team of high powered sales professionals will contact top tier retailers on behalf of your company. Marcus is a former buyer and skilled negotiator. Rather than trying to navigate all the retail landmines and learn all the secrets to procuring long-term retail agreements let Marcus and his team do all the heavy lifting for you.

  • Implementation of essential retail marketing technologies including the creation, marketing and distribution of your own company mobile app designed to drive retail purchase order procurement & re-orders.

  • This is a 100% "Commission Free" service with opportunity analysis, reporting, and personal consultation from a retail expert with over 20 years experience from both the buyer and vendor side of retail markets.

What's Included in the Done - For - You 

Retail Order Procurement Program

Development of Retail Action Plan

Marcus will personally help you develop a plan for retail account sales channel development & long-term, sustainable success in your industry.

Buyer Contact List 

Marcus and his team will create a comprehensive buyer contact list for each retailer that we approach on your behalf. This is important particularly when there are multiple buyers or managers that may be involved or have input in the purchasing process.

Pursuit of Your Top 10 Accounts

Marcus  will go after the top 10 to 15 accounts of your choice plus an unlimited number of independent retail stores. Once we procure an account we will put a new store in the contact cue.

Campaign Report

At the end of our 10 month campaign your will receive a comprehensive report detailing accounts we contacted on your behalf, best practices going forward, key buyer information, re-order protocol and advice for long-term success with each account.

Retail Mobile App Marketing

Our Digital Marketing team will create your retail mobile app and distribute it to retail buyers and store managers on your company's behalf.

Commission Free

Retail Purchase Order Commissions can go into the tens of thousands of dollars if purchases are made for multiple stores from a particular chain. With this program we will take NO COMMISSIONS on any purchase orders generated by our sales efforts GUARANTEED!

Marketing & Sell Sheet Pieces

Our Marketing team will create and distribute compelling, persuasive marketing materials & sell sheets on behalf of your company .

Personal Coaching

The whole purpose of this program is to teach you how to create long-term success and sustainability for your product lines. We will coach you on buyer negotiations, retail terms, pitfalls and best practices to ensure that you get your products into the best stores long-term.


Brand New Game Changing Program feature

Introducing "ReviewGate" more details coming soon!!

Is the Done - For - You Program right for you?

 Here are the success Keys 

Are your products retail ready?  That includes retail grade packaging, category accurate pricing models, professional marketing materials, shipping & logistics should be setup, your manufacturing capability must be able to support your target retail orders, and if your selling a consumable product or a product that is put on the body or scalp you must have your testing, FDA approvals, and liability insurances in place. 

(if your unsure about any of these steps contact us and we can review your line)


Make sure your product is "Retail Ready" before we commence your Done - For - You Retail Order Procurement Program. It is also important to note that we are responsible for contacting buyers, store managers and other key players from retailers on your behalf and making presentations of your line and a retail pitch either in person, by phone, by Zoom or in a combination of all three. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE  sales with chain store retailers whereas this is a very competitive industry and we have no idea how the market will react to your product lines. What we can GUARANTEE is that we will make every effort over the 10 month program to  aggressively contact as many chain store retailers on your behalf as possible. We can also GUARANTEE that the entire campaign will be on a "COMMISSION FREE" basis. And finally, it is my personal GUARANTEE that I will review your line and all marketing materials and coach you and your team on best sales practices to make sure your line has the best opportunity to procure long-term retail relationships with top chain store and independent retailers.

This Program Transitions to "Commission Only" after 10 months unless your company's specific needs dictate a monthly retainer.

Cost for the 

Done - For - You Program

Cost for this ground - breaking program includes:

A One-Time $7,800 Setup Fee and $3,500 Per Month for 10 Months. That's All!! There are no commissions, no hidden fees, and no surprise upgrades. Our team will handle everything and your paying for the years of time, headaches, and mistakes that our team is saving you with our retail account negotiation experience.

One-Time Setup Fee of $7,800: (May be split into two payments) Marcus will perform a comprehensive product review and assessment. Marcus will assist you in creating the most powerful and persuasive selling points for your retail pitch. We will also help you develop a winning sales and distribution strategy that will get you the premium return on investment.

Monthly Fee of $3,500 Per Month for 10 Months: Our team will contact major retail chain stores over the 10 month program on your behalf. We will also contact as many independents as possible during the campaign. We will get definitive answers after we pitch your lines. Either Yes or No or perhaps a request for change in terms or a return visit on a later date. Whatever the outcomes we will give you full details in our report and give you all contact information for your teams future reference. We will give you comprehensive feedback on buyers comments, suggestions or objections.

When buyers agree to purchase Marcus will walk you through this process because the entire purpose of this program is to prepare you to play in the big leagues going forward.

Marcus will also coach you on nurturing your buyer relationships to ensure re-orders and long-term success for your brand.

NO COMMISSION PROGRAM:You won't pay any commissions for this program. Your paying for our time, experience and negotiation expertise. This program is also designed to potentially save you tens of thousands in scan based agreements, buy back clauses and all the other pitfalls that come along with retail purchase order negotiations and agreements. After the initial 10 months the campaign will transition to a commission based program.


NOTE: This program has a limited amount of openings. Once we reach capacity you will have to wait until another space opens. We will accept applications in the order they are received.

CANCELLATION POLICY: You are fully responsible and liable for the full amount of this 10 month agreement. If you do not pay appropriately you will be sent to a 3rd party collections agency. This service is time consuming and costly for us. The very moderate monthly fee that we charge is minuscule for the time and value delivered each and every month of this program.

Note: $3,500 is the fee for our base program. If you require starting in more regions it will change your monthly retainer rate. (refer to the initial overview package your rep gave you for other pricing options.)

About Marcus Montgomery

Marcus has over 20 years combined experience as a retail store manager, buyer, manufacturer's representative, distributor and in building retail sales teams across diverse channels.

Marcus is a skilled negotiator. His client's routinely enjoy high re-order rates due to his upfront multiple order agreements.

Marcus has established strategic relationships with key decision makers in both American and foreign markets that allow his client's to expand their product lines seamlessly.

Marcus has a unique understanding of the retail purchasing process whereas he was previously a store manager & purchasing agent for a major California retail chain with over 500 locations prior to launching his own agency.

What you will learn through our retail coaching over the 10 month duration of the program

  • How to create and execute a successful retail strategy

  • How to determine which demographics are the ideal customers for your product

  • How to develop a winning, multi-faceted sales approach

  • How to identify all channels & niches that will accommodate your brand

  • How to reach key buyers and decision makers within an organization (Both paid and free strategies covered)

  • How to effectively negotiate with manufacturers, distributors and buyers

  • What factors to consider when launching new product lines

  • Best strategies for obtaining the most accurate, up to date contact information for top retail chain decision makers

  • How to prepare persuasive digital & printed sales materials that will keep buyers interested in your product lines and help drive re-orders.

  • Required steps to make sure that your products are "retail ready" (packaging, pricing, logistics, manufacturing capacity, etc.)

  • How to customize your "retail pitch" to make sure it addresses the specific needs of the retailer your presenting to

  • Retail organizational specifics to keep in mind such as EDI (electronic data interchange), UPC (universal product code), and liability insurance requirements

  • Retail terms you may encounter that you need to understand such as "scan-based agreement", "Buy-Backs", "Net 30-60-90 terms", etc.

  • How to find the best funding resources with the most generous terms

  • Certifications, licenses, insurances, agreements, territory differences

  • Advanced sales, marketing, branding and personal promotion stratagem

  • How to instill confidence in your product from American buyers if your a foreign product manufacturer

  • What you need to know if your products are being sold in both retail stores and online stores

  • About importing/exporting and how to monitor your products when selling in foreign markets

  • Is Shark Tank and programs really worth it? I will give you my honest opinion backed by facts and common sense and then you can decide

  • Dealing with difficult buyers

  • How to shorten lengthy sales cycles

  • The art of "leap-frogging" and when it's appropriate to do so

  • "Stay ready so you don't have to get ready". The preparation and discipline required to keep your company growing

  • On-going Marketplace and Competitor research. Two vital keys to success

  • Asking for the sale. When and how to ask for the purchase order

  • How to become and stay a "Preferred Vendor"

  • How to get registered as a "Minority Vendor" 

  • How to take charge of your buyer presentations. How to lead the buyer, question based selling, how to crush objections, etc.

  • Honesty is the best policy. How to avoid getting in over your head by NEVER promising more than you can deliver

  • How to negotiate the best possible payment terms with chain stores

  • How to avoid retail fees, rebates, chargebacks, scan-based agreements and other pitfalls within the retail process

  • Vendor support, merchandising & assortment plans, and product life cycles

  • And much, much more...

Apply for the Retail Order Procurement Done - for - You Program

Please answer the following Ten questions to Help us determine if you qualify for the Done - For - You Program

(please include your name, email, website URL & brief message before submitting form)

1. If any, what stores are your products currently in?

2. What best describes your business interest?

Select an option

3. Which of the following services do you expect to need assistance with?

Select an option

4. Which United States Regions are you looking to target initially?

Select an option

5. How soon are you looking to initiate services?

Select an option

6. What is the budget you plan to dedicate to your U.S. campaign?

Select an option

7. Do you consider your product to be retail ready? (Packaging, pricing, logistics, production capacity, etc.)

Select an option

8. Are you willing to make the required 10 month commitment to build retail presence?

9. Give a brief description of your product line type (example: beauty, fashion, home decor, luxury, grocery, etc.)

10. List the top 6 or 7 retailers you would like to see your product lines in.


Email Address

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Contact us for more details about this program

Phone:+1 (208) 703-2849


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